Saturday, 9 March 2013

Pumpkin fitters (Kumro R bora)

Pumpkin fitters   (Kumro R bora)

Ingredients for the recipe -

Pumpkin              Cut in long flat pieces
Salt                      to taste
Sugar                             3 tsp
Haldi                      2 tsp 
Besan                     4 tbsp
Rice flour               2 tbsp
Water                     3 cups
Kalonji/ kalojeera  1 tsp
Sugar                     1 tsp
Mustard oil                    for frying

Method   -     beat the besan and rice flour with salt, haldi (Turmeric), kalojeera (Onion seeds) and water. Keep it aside. Marinate the cut pumpkins with salt, haldi and sugar. In a wok put the mustard oil and heat it. Put the pumpkin pieces in the besan batter and fry it till the colour turns into little bit golden brown.  Serve hot.
(This recipe prepared by my little daughter Suhana who is only 10 yrs old. I am proud of my little chef)

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