Saturday, 22 September 2012

My mom's recipe



Sela Rice                             500gms
Potol (pointed gourd)               250gms
Onion                                   3 big
Ginger garlic paste             3tsp
Lobongo(cloves)                  2
Dalchini (Cinnamon)            1”
Elaichi(Cardamom)              3
Tejpatta (bay leaf)               2
Tomato                                 2 big
Haldi(Tumeric powder)        1tsp
Lal mirch(Red Chilly) powder                1tsp
 Ghee                                    3tbsp
White oil                               2tbsp
Salt & Sugar                         acc. Taste


1              Wash the rice and brush it with white oil and keep aside.
2              Peel the potol and brush it with haldi and salt.
3              Put oil in a wok and fry the potol.
4              Keep aside the potol and fry the onion paste with ginger garlic paste  haldi lalmirch powder a little bit of sugar and put salt as per your taste.
5               When oil comes out from the masala put a little bit of water and put the fried potol. Wait till potol are well cooked.
6               In a deghi put the ghee.
7              Put the tejpatta and gorom masala.
8              Put the rice and fried well.
9              Put double the amount of water ie 2cups of rice means 4cups of water.
10       When the rice is half done put salt and sugar according to your taste.
11       Put the potol and mix the rice and potol and cover the degchi.
Eat it enjoy the meal

Please write comments and try the recipe it will encourage me to write further

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